Book Covers – 2016.11 to 2017.9

2016.11.13, Sunday, South Kensington Books, London

  • Europe since 1989: A History by Philipp Ther

2016.12.3, Saturday, Bookshop at Selfridges London, London

  • All the Buildings in London by James Gulliver Hancock
  • Chelsea Girls: A Novel by Eileen Myles

2016.12.30, Friday, Carmine Street Comics, New York

  • I, Fellini by Charlotte Chandler
  • Franz Kafka, a Writer’s Life by Joachim Unseld
  • Norman Mailer by Harold Bloom
  • The Yeats Reader by Richard J. Finneran

2017.1.3, Tuesday, bookbook, New York

  • 20 Under 40: Stories from The New Yorker by Debroah Treisman

2017.3.25, Saturday, McNally Jackson, New York

  • Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000-2015 by Jennifer Liese, Jimmie Durham, Hito Steyerl, Mike Kelley, & 3 more
  • The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between by Hisham Matar
  • Manual of Section by Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis

2017.6.20, Tuesday, Strand Bookstore, New York

  • Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbors: Against the Double Blackmail by Slavoj Zizek
  • The Fragile Absolute: Or, Why Is the Christian Legacy Worth Fighting For? by Slavloj Zizek
  • Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature by Alva Noe

2017.8.18, Friday, Rizzoli Bookstore, New York

  • All Art Is Propaganda by George Orwell
  • Magnum: Paris: 36 Postcards by Magnum Photos

2017.8.19, Saturday, Housing Works Thrift Shops, New York

  • Status of Anxiety by Alain De Botton

2017.9.4, Monday, Between the Covers Bookstore, Telluride CO

  • Double Lives, Second Chances: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski by Annette Insdorf

Book Covers – 2015.11 to 2016.9


2015.11.7, Saturday, Strand Bookstore, New York

  • Letters to Véra by Vladimir Nabokov

2015.12.20, Sunday, BFI Shop, London

  • The Discreet Art of Luis Bunuel by Gwynne Edwards
  • Michelangelo Red Antonioni Blueby Murray Pomerance

2016.1.17, Sunday, Daunt Books, London

  • Beijing: Theatre of the People by Ambroise Tezenas
  • The Chinese Photobook: From the 1900s to the Present by Martin Parr and Wassink Lundgren
  • Ulysses Annotated Student’s Edition by James Joyce
  • The Complete Novels of George Orwell by George Orwell
  • The Seven Noses of Soho by Jamie Manners
  • Agnes Martin: Her Life and Art by Nancy Princenthal

2016.3.26, Saturday, Strand Bookstore, New York

  • Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story by Lorin Stein and Sadie Stein
  • Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter’s Eye by Mary Morton and George Shackelford

2016.5.7, Saturday, Hatchards, London

  • Gustav Klimt: To Colour In

2016.8.12, Friday, Waterstones Jubilee Place, London

  • The Way by Swann’s (In Search of Lost Time, Volume 1) by Marcel Proust

2016.8.15, Monday, Waterstones Jubilee Place, London

  • Spain by Jan Morris

2016.8.20, Saturday, South Kensington Books, London

  • The Memory Palace by Edward Hollis
  • Edinburgh (Black’s Sketchbooks) by Gordon Home

2016.8.24, Wednesday, Waterstones Jubilee Place, London

  • Selected Poems by W.H.Auden

2016.9.3, Saturday, Koenig Books, London

  • 京都日常花 市井のいけばな十二ヶ月 by 野口さとこ
  • 光と影 (LIGHT and SHADOW) by Rinko Kawauchi
  • René Magritte: Newly Discovered Works by Sarah Whitfield
  • Silent Theater: The Art of Edward Hopper by Walter Wells

2016.9.3, Saturday, Any Amount of Books, London

  • Psychology and Religion: West and East by C. G. Jung
  • Byron in Europe: In Childe Harold’s Footsteps by Simon Cheetham
  • The Story of Film by Mark Cousins