Samsung sparks anxiety at Google

  • the South Korean company sells about 40% of the gadgets that use Google’s Android software;
  • Samsung’s growing might—it shipped nearly 200 million more Android smartphones last year than the next-biggest Android-device maker—has boosted Google’s mobile-ad revenue;
  • Google fears that Samsung will demand a greater share of the online-advertising revenue that Google generates from its Web-search engine;
  • Google has said it wouldn’t show favoritism toward Motorola over other manufacturers;
  • Samsung is spreading its bets by making devices powered by Microsoft Corp.’s Windows mobile software, as well as with Tizen, an operating system that is being co-developed by Samsung and microprocessor maker Intel Corp;
  • Google has hopes for some new Android entrants such as H-P;

Bernanke sets out aggressive goal for congress

  •  focus on debt-to-GDP: between 1960s and the onset of crisis,  federal debt averages less than 40% of GDP; replenishing this fiscal capacity will give future Congresses and Administrations greater scope to deal with unforeseen events.
  • if 40% should be the long-run goal? “If we could bring it down from here some it would be helpful.”

A look at Case-Shiller, by metro area

  • composite 20-city home price index, up 6.8% in December from a year earlier; 0.2% from the previous month amid winter season;
  • 19 of the 20 cities posted annual increases in December. Just New York notched an annual decline;
  • (Dan Greenhaus) Since most people have their wealth tied up in their home, rising home prices makes consumers more confident, more credit worthy and more willing to spend acquired income.


  • 里贝里禁赛,罗本复出,主宰比赛。不得不提的是小猪与克罗斯的状态也发生了变化:自从上周中冠军杯给罗本的单刀球没有传好之后,TK的一大弊病——快速反击高速运行时候的出球问题,随着罗本越来越多的上场,而暴露了出来;本场比赛中上半程也有一次非常明显的出球不果断和不到位的情况——这也是TK难以胜出厄齐尔的关键。
  • 与之相反的是小猪在中场区域的闪亮表现,这里的中场指的是两个禁区以外的所有区域。施魏因施泰格今天尤其兴奋,对球的控制欲和积极性也很强,并展示了非常良好的竞技风貌,在克罗斯和马丁内斯都略微发紧的情况下,很好地对拜仁中场进行了梳理和硬度上的加强。这让人回想起前几年形容前队长范博梅尔的一句话,只要他积极地跑起来了,那就是世界级的。
  • 拜仁拿出了上周同样时间对阵阿森纳时候的统治级表现,对手没有像样的机会,胜利实至名归。


Jack Lew’s golden parachute

  • paychecks he received from his last two employers before returning to government — a bonus guarantee (from Citi) if he left the bank for a “high level position with the United States government or regulatory body.”
  • “Citi knew from the start that Mr. Lew was headed back to a powerful job in Washington, and that it wanted him to remember the bank fondly when he left.”

Michelle Obama’s Oscar turn sparks debate

  • inappropriate in its affirmation of the hard power behind the soft power—the connection of real politics to the representational politics of the movies, of the peculiar and long-standing symbiosis of Washington and Hollywood;
  • (Jennifer Rubin) It is not enough that President Obama pops up at every sporting event in the nation. Now the first lady feels entitled, with military personnel as props, to intrude on other forms of entertaining.

Barnes’s chairman mulls store buyout

  • biggest shareholder, Leonard Riggio, expressed interest in buying out the consumer-store chain — not Nook Media LLC;
  • B&N market capitalization $809 million, down from $2.2 billion in 2001; physical stores, profitable; the Nook business, suffered $262 million in fiscal 2012;
  • management buyout: insiders are seen as having an advantaged position over outside buyers;

Hidden risks of a hard landing in China

  • (Stephen Green, Standard Chartered) calculate GDP growth at just 5.5% (official figure 7.8%) in 2012, using an alternative measure of inflation that better
  • (official data) exports up 14%, but compare import data from Hong Kong, four percentage points lower;
  • (official data) consumption up 15.2%; Nielsen’s index of sales of fast-moving consumer goods, which include fewer of the government purchases that distort the official data, was up just 9%;
  • (official data) fixed asset investment increased 21%; that looks odd against 14% fall in sales of excavators and 19% drop in steel prices — measures that should track investment growth;



  • 删帖公司“雅歌时代”5000万的大生意中,竟然有大半的收入来自于二三线城市政府官员的删帖。
  • (南都评论)“这绝非一种简单的市场供需关系,因为其间所被侵害、被羞辱的,是公众对公共事务的表达与知情权利,以及新闻媒体依法行使的批评监督权。”


  • 年长一辈知识分子,章太炎,王国维,梁启超,对苏俄暴力革命的方式很是警惕;年轻一代,陈独秀,李大钊,则对苏俄充满了希望,包括后来的胡适;
  • 纵观这一时期,年轻一代中,对苏俄从各方面提出批评与反思,进而提醒国人警惕苏俄的是徐志摩;
  • (翟秋白)《饿乡纪程》,明明知道苏俄民众生活穷苦,依然一心一意学习苏俄;
  • 引起徐志摩反感的是:对个人财产的不尊重;对书籍的查禁;红色恐怖;
  • “他们相信天堂是有的,可以实现的,但在现实世界与那天堂的中间隔着一座海,一座血污海,人类泅得过这血海,才能登彼岸,他们决定先实现那血海。”
  • 胡适在苏俄受了假象的迷惑,并没有看清苏俄党化教育的本质。


  • 改革开放30余年,政府从未(主动)推动城镇化,然而不知不觉中,城镇化率就从1978年的18%上升到2012年的53%;即使扣除进城不落户的农民工,也达到了35%左右;
  • 贡献的力量来自于:农业改革和民营经济的发展壮大;以市场为基础的资源重新配置;
  • 农业改革:不仅为城镇提供低廉劳动力;还产生农业剩余,可供城市人口消费的粮食压力减少;
  • 实现(城镇)聚集效应的主体是企业和城乡居民,而不是政府官员;
  • 相关改革问题:取消户籍制度;土地制度改革;平衡各级政府财政预算;减少管制;广泛吸收民间资金;停止按行政级别分配公共资源;探索新型的城市治理方式和管理体制;


Google works on launching retail stores

  • last year completed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility; even though Google wants Motorola to succeed as a device maker, the company is being careful not to appear to favor Motorola over other device makers — Samsung, Sony, etc.;
  • there would a lot to display for Google in its own retail stores: home-entertainment devices, Chromebook laptops, Google Glass, Google TV software;
  • Apple has about 400 retail stores world-wide, generating $10 billion in annual sales; Microsoft has opened about 300 full-fledged stores and is developing another 11 stores.

Warren Romney

  • $23 billion acquisition of Heinz; the role of 3G capital, which has a reputation for cost-cutting and layoffs (as in Burger King);
  • a classic private-equity turnaround in which better management improves the value of a business v.s. rapacious capitalists;
  • the usual media critics of private equity are ignoring 3G’s takeover history, perhaps because of the role Mr. Buffet, the billionaire patron saint of taxing the rich; the deal is even being portrayed as one sign of the return of business animal spirits and a healthier economy;

China’s Yen for currency appreciation

  • Pushing up the yuan helps stave off imported inflationary pressure;
  • higher inflows through the trade account add to pressure for the yuan to rise;
  • the pressure on China’s exporters from Japan’s falling yen is limited — Japan high-end, China low-end manufacturing;

Seoul is a currency pacifist

  • Seoul’s inaction makes sense: South Korean exporters are among the biggest beneficiaries of Japan’s spat with China;
  • and also, the weaker Yen means the energy cost for Japan is rising;
  • what’s more, favorable currency movement will partially help Japanese companies with overseas sales — won’t do much damage to Samsung Galaxy;


  • 现代小说,一种类似照片(一目了然,轻而易举说出一本书是关于什么),另一种更像音乐(往往牵涉出懂和不懂的问题);乔伊斯《芬尼根守灵夜》;
  • 乔的遗产被后人承袭:贝克特《等待戈多》、伯吉斯《发条橙子》《世俗权力》、拉什迪《午夜的儿女》等;米切尔的《云图》;
  • “于是我注意到一个原本平淡无奇、无需注意的事实,即一种健康的文化,对于例外现象总是宽容的。不但宽容,有时甚至鼓励。”


  • 统一后的国家既要创造和谐氛围,也要体现公正原则;
  • 苏联模式的哲学是,与其让人信服不如让人恐惧;
  • (麦德维杰夫)苏联文化和意识形态的垄断后果是“要求人们虚伪、顺应、愚昧和装傻,不断玩弄那种令人哭笑不得的、宗教意识般的、普遍宣誓效忠的把戏;”
  • (兰德尔·彼特沃克《弯曲的脊梁》)“一个压制分歧的体系面临着无法解决的困境,它用以施加公共一致性的方法越严酷,公民们隐藏真实看法和显示许可看法的行为就越勤勉,而这个体系就越担心它的公民不站在他这边。” — 恶性循环;


  • 比赛结束后看着温格的背影消失在球员通道尽头,内心一股苍凉,这支极具气质也曾经叱咤风云的队伍,终于也沦落到“陪客”的角色;两年前几乎同样的时候,比赛尾声沃尔科特助攻阿尔沙文,酋长球场见证了阿森纳顽强扳倒(过去、现在、和将来都)不可一世的巴塞罗那的伟大时刻;而今夜,依然坚守的球迷们只能目睹自己的阵地在二十分钟后即告沦陷;
  • “没有坚固的防守,不要和拜仁打对攻。”——在德甲打惯了对手铁桶阵的拜仁,终于来到欧冠赛场呼吸上几口新鲜空气,大开大合,其实正是他们想要的;前两个奠定胜局的进球,全都出自典型的拜仁进攻套路:(1)穆勒套上倒三角传后点(这只有穆勒能做到,因为罗本是内切),克罗斯禁区弧顶劲射;(2)范比滕角球前点头槌,门将扑出,离得最近的人(穆勒)补射(三年前打尤文时戈麦斯进过一个一模一样的);
  • 其实道理很简单,一个球队的进攻点,有的负责打雷,有的负责下雨;里贝里、罗本,属于前者,不停制造机会,看着也很热闹,但命中率不一定高;克罗斯、范比滕的杀招则正相反,一旦出手,随即致命;所以反观阿森纳那边的沃尔科特、威尔希尔等几个小个子,充其只是在边路通道恣意游走的“雷公”,能够“降雨”的神器们(如范大将军),现在都已经在别的球队了。


第一讲 希腊罗马神话(一)

  • “木屋”寓言:只要心意诚,神祗就大,智慧更大
  • 古人类最大的快乐:非劳动,非性爱,而是战争胜利之后,唱跳欢乐;久而久之,诗出;
  • 文学以前是文字的起源:战歌,祷词,劳动号子;
  • “史前期”的希腊神话,否定之否定,无论,动物性;朱庇特家族后,希腊神话正文开始,极具人性
  • 欧罗巴:朱庇特化身白牛,渐近,美女套花环于牛,牛跪,女骑,牛走 — 心理描写很对:人见到初爱的人,从不直接趋前;
  • 巴克斯精神:人类的快乐,不是靠理性、电脑、物质,而来自情感、直觉、本能、快乐行动;
  • 阿里安因情人走,知巴克斯更好;巴克斯因阿里安死,更知其可贵;
  • 神话,多听,多想,人得以归真返璞;希腊神话,无为而治,自在自为;中国神话,善恶相报,太现实,神权、夫权渗透,令人惧怕;
  • 阿波罗追随达佛涅,以肉身之爱追求形上之爱;
  • 画中,人多与狮和羊一起安然共听俄耳浦斯弹奏——这是人类的理想
  • 俄耳浦斯回头,欧律狄刻骤失 — 天琴座;
  • 狄安娜误为阿波罗所骗,射死俄里翁 — 猎户座;
  • 每年早春,阿多尼斯出见维纳斯,六月后返地狱:阿多尼斯象征春天,维纳斯象征爱;
  • 人间英雄赫拉克勒斯,终生劳作无止息,象征白昼,那十二件大事,或指黄道十二宫,或一年十二月,或白昼十二时;
  • 希腊众神之上,有一命运,诸神无可抗拒;

第二讲 希腊罗马神话(二)

  • 悲剧写命运,人的反抗毫无用处;中国算命,可卜生死,但从未有人问:谁决定命运?
  • 爱琴士之子之子忒修斯杀怪成功,循线出迷楼,弃阿里安,遭惩罚,父投海自杀 — 爱琴海;
  • 俄狄浦斯,典型之命运悲剧,弑父,娶母,命运无法逃避
  • 美少年林达,天天游到岛上,赫罗执火炬迎候,后一日风浪太大,被吞没,赫罗举火炬彻夜等候,至晨见林达尸,悲而入海,拥抱着林达死去——“这神话简单,然而动人。”
  • 迷楼,象征社会,监囚人,人不得出,包括婚姻、法律、契约;唯一的办法是飞,(伊卡洛斯)宁可飞高,宁可摔死;
  • 那耳喀索斯是人的自我,水中倒影便是艺术,超自我的自我;艺术不能实际占有,只可保持距离;现实主义者取消距离,水即乱——人生与艺术的宿命;
  • 整个人类文化就是自恋,自恋文化是人类文化;
  • 口传,好则留,坏则不留,到现代近世,传播出版发达,坏的容易传播,好的不易流传——人类文化的悲哀,是流俗的易传,高雅的失传
  • 古代只有文学,没有作家,个人完全湮没;洞窟壁画,从不签名;哲学家不写书;古文化结结巴巴地传下来;
  • 人类不安分,动物性是稳定的,正常的;伟大的文艺,记录的都不是幸福,而是不安与骚乱;
  • 希腊神话是一笔美丽得发昏的糊涂账。因为糊涂,因为发昏,才如此美丽。

第三讲 希腊史诗

  • 人人知道荷马,谁读过荷马?人所崇拜的东西,常是他们不知道的东西。
  • 诗人、子、书,是最高尊称:荷马是诗人,诗人就是荷马;孔丘为“子”,新旧约为“书”;
  • 《伊利亚特》阳刚:王子抢海伦,丈夫开战,众神参战,希腊军内讧,阿喀琉斯退战,请战,请其友出,死,为战友复仇,亲往战,胜,回来葬友;
  • 世界各大国、各大族,历史都很丰富悲壮,但伟大的诗才太少 — 中国没有史诗;
  • 《奥德赛》温和的,富人情味;
  • 史诗中的英雄美人,性格鲜明——古典文学的方法论;荷马史诗的“神”与“人”,既有性格上的相通,又有凡尘和天庭的差异,希腊传统的又一个好典范;
  • “人类有童年。各民族有各自的童年。希腊这孩童最健康,他不是神童,很正常、很活泼,故荷马史诗是人类健康活泼时期的诗。” — 迅速,直捷,明白,壮丽;
  • 荷马喜用“Similes”(简洁的比喻),直捷,不深奥,不暗示:(希腊奔赴前进)大火吞没森林;(匆忙的声音)群鸟噪音;(军队聒噪)苍蝇飞鸣;(军败退)羊群奔散;
  • 克罗齐的唯心史观:历史不属于科学(“普遍”性)的范畴,属于艺术的范畴 — 历史并不在于理解客体,而仅止于凝想那个客体;
  • 荷马史诗是历史与艺术的理想结合;司马迁《史记》“史家之绝唱,无韵之离骚”,也很理想;

第四讲 希腊悲剧及其他

  • “那时候地球上出现许多天才,伟大的人格、伟大的思想,而柏拉图、亚里士多德压根儿不知道老子、孔子、释迦牟尼。”
  • 希腊的酒神精神,最符合艺术家性格;“诗人不宜多知世事” — 希腊整个文化艺术像是一个童贞的美少年,想起希腊,好像那里一天到晚都是早晨,空气清凉新鲜;
  • 多神 — 泛神 — 无神:希腊的活泼健康,是他们早在神的多元性上,伏下了无神论的观念;而一神很难通向泛神;此所以尼采无比向往希腊;文艺复兴,复的也是希腊精神;
  • 为什么希腊悲剧能净化心灵?事已至此,好自为之;正视命运,正视之后,是好自为之——人道;希腊将“美”在人道中推到第一位;朴素的唯美主义;为什么美好?美就是快乐;希腊没有历史负担,没有传统风俗、习惯、教条约束;天然地没有伤感情调,希腊的一切艺术,真实、朴素、单纯
  • 埃斯库罗斯,暴狂,有力;索福克勒斯,从宗教热情转到人间合理化;欧里庇得斯,写人间普通人,浪漫主义的开山祖 — 道德即美,不应赏罚是非;

第五讲 新旧约的故事和涵义

  • 《圣经》不是神学的总集,没有被清理、被规范,所以庞杂,像人类生活本身,忍耐、懦弱、胜利、失败,像一个老实人的日记;所以文字明白简朴,思想直接有力;
  • 《旧约》的文字与思想,天然和谐,出于希伯来人的语言;《新约》的作者似乎都是犹太人;
  • (作者)坚持《新约》的文学价值高于《旧约》,纪德、王尔德的观点也相同;
  • (《旧约》)“出埃及记”,故事性强,“创世记”,艺术家必须读;(作者)偏爱“诗篇”和“雅歌”,美丽幽婉,沁人肺腑;“现代人只要忘掉现代,同样可以肝肠如火,色笑似花。”
  • 《新约》采用口语化的文体,得以广为宣传;(作者)每当写出近乎“圣经体”,心中光明快乐,如登宝山,似归故乡;为什么文字趋近《圣经》风格会莫名其妙地安静、畅快?(神秘点)圣灵感召;(实在点)归真返朴;

第六讲 新旧约再谈

  • 耶稣的理想主义毫无目标;以现代理性看耶稣的话,破洞很多;要不求甚解地去解;不求甚解就是一种解;包涵、圆融地看;
  • 耶稣反对发誓;真正的善,不必誓;可世界誓言不断,耶稣归耶稣说,人类归人类做;
  • 凡真的先知,总是时而雄辩,时而结巴;“一个爱我的人,如果爱得讲话结结巴巴,语无伦次,我就知道他爱我。”
  • 艺术家能以自身的快乐来证明世俗的快乐不是万能的:康德从不出家门,克尔凯郭尔只玩过一次柏林;
  • 耶稣的思想襟怀,纯粹理想主义,极端无政府主义,形上的,空灵的,不能实践的 — “真理”大致如此,凡切实可行的不是真理;
  • 耶稣看到百合花,想到人类的枉自劳苦;耶稣、老子、乔达摩,都是极度真诚敏感 — 弄虚作假的人其实是麻木的;他们鉴貌辨色,八面玲珑,而对自然、宇宙,极麻木;真正敏于感受,是内心真诚的人;

第七讲 福音

  • 献身信仰,不能考虑伦理伦常关系;苦行,如羊放入狼群,要机警如蛇,驯良如鸽;
  • 小孩子在学校走,突告母亲、姐姐送伞来,必羞臊 — 小学,性质上就是伊甸园;儿童有儿童的浪漫主义,一时出现父母,即拉回现世;天堂人间不能共存,世俗和理想难以沟通;

第八讲 新旧约续谈

  • 大多数人是愚氓,极少数人是精英;听道的群众,顽石点头了,点过之后,依然是顽石;教堂,人进人出,谁懂教堂?你来也罢,不来也罢,但总有二三贤者智者懂;
  • 为什么先知、宗教家、哲学家要用比喻?人类的智力还在低级阶段;最美的是数学音乐,令人着迷,完全没有比喻;绘画和文学都脱不了比喻;
  • 先知在故乡不受尊敬 — 艺术家要留一份“神秘感”;你自以为君子坦荡荡,结果呢,招鬼上门,引狼入室;
  • (“马太”十四章)某次五千人听道,饿,耶稣以五个饼、两条鱼,掰开平分,都得到,还有余 — 没有比这个比喻更显示艺术的伟大功能;艺术以最少的材料,表呈最多的涵量;
  • (“马太”十四章)传道散了,耶稣独自在海面走;门徒惊异,耶稣说勿惊;彼得也从水面过去,怕落水,呼救,耶稣拉他的手近拢,说,你这小信的人,为什么不信我? — 一个人能否成大器,主观因素最重要,被人忽略的是信心,是信念;信心来自天性的纯真朴厚;
  • 一个人衷心赞美别人,欣赏别人,幸福最多——他是在调整自己,发现自己;自我教育
  • 爱,原来是一场自我教育;耶稣对人类的爱,是一场单恋。

第九讲 东方的圣经

  • 西方大科学家不满于老是追求科学,总想进入哲学、宗教;不能太早做浪子(艺术家),要在宗教、哲学里泡一泡;
  • 乔达摩:自我牺牲,清静寂寞,思辨深刻,灵感丰富;佛教不需要人祭,重视悔过和祈祷;犹太教讲崇拜,基督教重内心修行;
  • 研究佛经,是东方智者和知识分子的一个“底”;
  • 宗教长期迫害哲学家,哲学家不迫害宗教,但可置宗教于死命;一个是信仰,一个是怀疑;宗教是由对自然现象要求正名而来,正名,赋形,遂有人身的神的形象出现;
  • 音乐、建筑、绘画所体现的宗教情操——圆融的刚执,崇高的温柔
  • 人类这般伟大、聪明,为什么不用于人类,而去奉神?给父母、子弟、情人的,也不及把人类最好的情操送给上帝,送给宗教;

第十讲 印度的史诗、中国的诗经

  • 《摩诃婆罗多》讲战争,艰深,有哲学,难懂;《罗摩衍那》讲英雄,浪漫,易传;
  • (《摩》)依卡拉夫耶求师不得,塑特洛那泥像,特洛那亲自去看,孩子下跪听训,称可献任何东西给老师,遂割大拇指——愚忠;古人最高情感是“忠”;古人忠而愚,今人聪明,但也失去了真挚的情感,智慧是思维,道德只是行为的一部分;
  • (《罗》)老二不肯受位,置金鞋而代为王——好人和好人之间的戏剧性;
  • 中国的神话是零星的;神话、英雄,加天才,即史诗,中国没有此物;
  • 《郑风·将仲子》写女性心理,好极,委婉之极;最要讲的是“仲可怀也”,却讲了那么多,不拘四言五言七言;
  • “中世纪所谓蒙昧,倒是保存了人的元气。”

第十一讲 诗经续谈

第十二讲 楚辞与屈原

  • 贫穷是一种浪漫;
  • 政治、生活、爱情都成功,可以是伟大的文学家,譬如歌德;政治、生活、爱情都失败,更可以是伟大的文学家,譬如屈原;
  • 文学可以抓到痒处,绘画强迫给人接受画家个人的意象,文学给人想象的余地;
  • 屈原的死,也是作品,是一种自我完成;屈原写诗,一定知道他已经永垂不朽;每个大艺术家生前都公正地衡量过自己,有人熬不住,说出来,如但丁、普希金,有种人不说的,如陶渊明;
  • 《九歌》中《少司命》《山鬼》两篇最好;神,鬼,都是人性的升华;比希腊神话更优雅,更安静,极端唯美主义;

第十三讲 中国古代的历史学家

  • 《诗经》被政治家、儒家弄成尊严和工具;后人都不敢将《诗经》编入文选;可见儒家在中国势力之大,成了集体潜意识;儒家是最重功利的 — 对待《诗经》,伪善,霸道;汉乐府偷偷继承发扬《诗经》;竹林七贤,建安七子,陶渊明,不被教条吓倒,仍把《诗经》作为文学看待;中国的纯文学,是《诗经》,是《楚辞》;
  • 中国古代历史,一上来就是文学,已经写得极其完美;古代之所以有这光荣现象,因为文学家、史家、哲学家都是贯通的 — 古代文化的总和性现象,一定出华而又实的大人物;现代分工,是投机取巧;
  • 老子精炼奥妙,庄子汪洋恣肆,孟子庄严雄辩,墨子质朴生动,韩非子犀利明畅,荀子严密透辟,孔子圆融周到——孔子调皮、滑头,话从不说死;
  • 国穷民穷,或可转富,精神文化一失,再也回不来;
  • “郑伯克段于鄢” — 讥笑了哥哥,责备了弟弟,而且批评他们自己的家事弄到像两国交战 — 高度的概括,态度、立场、观点都毫不假借,就叫做“春秋笔法”;
  • 左丘明著《左转》,盲者,生平不可考 — 只留作品,不留作者,这是大自然的作风;他是第一个以文学水平写史书的人;
  • 如果司马迁不全支持孔丘立场,而用李耳的宇宙观治史,以他的天才,《史记》这才真正伟大——不可能,中国文化五千年、三千年,几乎没有哲学家,没有正式的大自然科学家;诸子百家是热心于王、霸的伦理学家、权术家;什么是哲学?是思考宇宙,思考人在宇宙的位置,思考生命意义,无功利可言;
  • 读《史记》,当司马迁写出人物、忘掉儒家时,是他最精彩的部分;古时候不写商人,不写流氓,司马迁才气大,胆魄大,皆入文章,写得出了神,忘了儒家的训诫;

第十四讲 先秦诸子:老子

  • 春秋战国,哲学的黄金时代,中国从那以后不再出哲学家了,吃老本吃了两千多年,坐吃山空;胡适当初写《中国哲学史大纲》,只有上集,下集写不出;
  • 宇宙观决定世界观,世界观决定人生观,老子、庄子、尼采、释迦牟尼,都从这样顺序而思考的;
  • 一般书生之见、市侩之见,乃至学者、专家、大儒,都说老子消极、悲观、厌世;从五十年代开始,要求人人都要积极、乐观、热爱生活;
  • 具有永恒性、世界性的中国哲学家,恐怕不多;诸子百家,是伦理学家,研究社会结构、人际关系;是政论家,讨论治国之策;只有老子思考宇宙生命;庄子,是老子的继续,是老子哲理的艺术化;
  • 老子主张退、守、弱、柔;“民不畏死,奈何以死惧之” — 暴君和暴民;老子的理想世界,全然梦境,是他个人的诗的乌托邦;“无为”“无治”是生气,是绝望,是唱反调,是现状逼得他往极端走;“天地不仁” — 决绝的人生观、世界观;“道”是他的理论支点(黑格尔的总念,观念先于物质而存在);
  • 凡宇宙观糊涂,或者忽而偏向有神论,忽而偏向无神论,想说又不敢说,或者说不清,总是差劲的,不能算哲学家;例如孔丘;
  • “蒙田不事体系”;建立体系而成一家之言,并不难,不事体系而能千古不朽,却是极难极难;
  • (卡普拉)“《道德经》就是以一种令人费解的、似乎不合逻辑的风格写成的,它充满了迷人的矛盾,它那有力而富有诗意的语言,捕获了读者的心灵,使读者摆脱了习以为常的逻辑推理的轨道。”

第十五讲 先秦诸子:孔子、墨子

  • 孔丘的思想与李耳正好相反,乐观、积极、务实;他的理想是恢复尧、舜、文、武的礼乐,以中庸之道架构人伦关系;根据周公的原则,周详地建立了一个生活模式;
  • 整本《论语》文学性极强;几乎是精炼的散文诗;文学的伟大,在于某种思想过时了,某种观点荒谬错误,如果文学性强,就不会消失;
  • 儒家重礼、厚葬、守制,目的是尽人事,以愚孝治国,是宗族主义的大传统;墨翟一下子就看出不对,根本在于“真诚”;孔子是偷换概念的老手,墨子诚实、聪明;
  • 墨家不重文采,但通顺朴实,明白痛快,条理严谨,逻辑性很强;墨子认为孔子的“仁”,没有新意,是“以水救水,以火救火”,救不出名堂来的;孔子的宿命论不是宇宙观上的宿命,他在世界观、人生观上的宿命是伪宿命论,目的是为帝王提供麻痹奴隶们的自强;墨子的思想就是科学、民主、平等、博爱的先驱;
  • 帝制长期的统治,一定得伪善,礼表法里;

第十六讲 先秦诸子:孟子、庄子、荀子及其他

  • 中国哲学少得可怜;西方哲学像歌剧,中国哲学像民歌;
  • 但孟子文学才能极高;墨子吃点亏,文学才能不及其余;老庄是不折不扣的艺术家;
  • (诗人死得早,哲学家多长寿)“吾善养吾浩然之气”,(作者认为)“浩然之气”指元气,艺术会给你不尽元气,一份诚意,换一份元气;
  • 中国的伦理观是孔孟的,艺术观是老庄的;汉的赋家,魏晋高士,唐代诗人,全从庄子来;嵇康、李白、苏轼,诠释庄子思想;一直流到民国的鲁迅,骨子里都是庄子思想;石涛、八大,似信佛,也是庄子思想;
  • “至人无己,神人无功,圣人无名”,禅的境界,是要把生命寂灭;浪漫主义致命的弱点,是拼命追求自然,最后弄到不自然
  • 荀子将“法”填入“礼”,历代帝王的统治术,历来不肯明说,扬孔而隐荀;(谭嗣同)两千年来之学,荀学也;
  • “神莫大于化道”,“神”,微妙的事理,高深的修养,“化道”,受知识的熏陶而使气质变化——学问的最高境界;
  • 为什么这些古代史家、哲学家、思想家,都有这么高的文学才华?到宋代、近代,文学才能就差了?思维、情操的创造性,必然伴随着形式的创造性;后世哲学家不过是思想的翻版、盗版,不是创造性的,所以,不可能有文学性;
  • 每一宗教的创教者,都是坦荡真诚的;凡教会就有功利性,然而又不能公开,故向上用经院哲学,向下是标语口号;任何一种意识形态,先要从语言入手,共产运动也是如此;

第十七讲 魏晋文学

  • 两种思潮:希伯来思潮,希腊思潮;前者苦行,克制,重来世,理想,修行,但做不到,必伪善,违反人性;后者是重现世,重快乐,肉体,欲望,享受;世界史总是两种思潮起伏,很分明;唯中国没有希腊思潮;
  • 艺术家的才能自是天赋,创造美,又是天赋中的天赋;富有艺术才能而不能创造美:卡拉瓦乔,库尔贝,米勒,珂勒惠支;又例如达芬奇,他想画丑,可是画不出来,他对丑是盲的;
  • 《世说新语》,洋洋大观,其实草草;一言一语记录得如此之详;外国历史、中国历史的其他时期,都没有这样的文体;其中许多观点过时了,和现代不能通,没有永久意义,好在记录是真实的,注解是翔实的,最好是好在文体,一刀一刀,下刀轻快;

第十八讲 谈音乐

第十九讲 陶渊明及其他



  • 欧冠前的联赛打得很省力,不慌不忙,用控制力和抓机会杀死比赛,曼祖延续了冬歇期后只要首发就能进球的神奇。整支球队一个月来攒足的内力就看四天后在酋长球场怎么释放出来吧。拭目以待。
  • PPTV的解说也为最近饱受批评的小猪开脱了几句,说到大家都发挥得好所以球评只能去黑他,而且他的精神作用对拜仁至关重要。前半句同意,而后半句呢,我觉得前两任6号球员——巴拉克、埃芬博格相比,(起码从结果上看)还是有一定差距。巴拉克时期的拜仁太过羸弱,或许难以比较,但埃芬博格时期,他的王者之风给球队气质上的提升,是现在的小猪还很难企及的。放眼望去,这种精神球员如杰拉德、兰帕德,还是稍微比小猪高半个档次的,而由于位置关系,小猪也会比皇马后期的劳尔高了半个档次。希望下一个“范加尔”能把他再次盘活!



G-7 attempts to avoid currency war

  • U.S., Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and U.K.
  • monetary policies designed to boost economies that have side effect of lessening the value of currency;
  • (Richard Gilhooly) “Rather than calm the markets, the poorly communicated statement has significantly raised volatility, and now we have to wait to see the actual outcome of G-20 on the weekend.”
  • (a senior official of G-20) “the statement put the rest talk of targeting specific exchange rates.”
  • singling out specific members as currency manipulators won’t happen.

Venezuela slashes currency value

  • 4.3 per dollar to 6.3 per dollar, nearly a third of its value;
  • help narrow government’s budget shortfall; but also spur inflation that is already among the world’s highest — trade-offs faced by Mr. Chavez more than a decade of populist economic policies;
  • raise the cost of imports, and Venezuela’s economy is increasingly dependent on imports;
  • foreign companies sales in local currency terms are among biggest losers;
  • many world’s economies moved away from fixed exchange rates in the 1990s, but Mr. Chavez populist polices have gone in the other direction — since then, periodically devalued currency every few years — driven economy with one foot on the gas and the other on the brakes;

Insurance as punishment

  • proposed that CA gun owners to buy liability insurance to cover damages or inquiries caused by their weapons;
  • (proponent) some owners would avoid high premium by purchasing less-lethal weapons;
  • unfounded assumptions here — FBI statistics show that handguns not rifles consistently account for large majority of firearms homicides.
  • home insurance company will likely favor gun owners who have safely locks and proper storage;
  • deter gun ownership? punish law-abiding gun owners?

Is this the new face of racism?

  • (Latanya Sweeney, a Havard professor) black-identifying names turned out to be much more likely than white-identifying names to generate ads that including the word “arrest”;
  • (a decade ago, from U Chicago) resumes with white-sounding names were about half again as likely to yield callback as those with black-sounding names — implicit racism;
  • correlate with 1970’s Black Power Movement — before the movement, names given to black and white children were not distinctly different; but after the movement, distinctly black names appear.
  • Google algorithm based on the pattern of clicks but these clicks reflect no bias; people click the link because it is her/his name.


Daniel Grofine and Ben Miller: who needs Wall Street?

  • shift in how companies raise money: through private transactions (rose by 31%) than through debt and equity offering (fell by 11%);
  • companies don’t have to go through the SEC’s costly and time-consuming registration and reporting requirements;
  • (public markets) liquidity by advertising to a wider public;
  • it could also mean fewer investment opportunities for the general public; private exchange not accessible to those who don’t qualify as accredited investors — 97% of U.S. population.


  • 库兹涅茨曲线 — 环境污染指标与人均收入水平遵循倒U形的关系:在收入水平较低的时期,污染程度随着收入水平的提高而上升;当人均收入水平增长到了8000美元(1985年价格)左右,污染程度开始随着收入增长而下降;
  • 中国目前人均GDP刚超过5000美元,若按购买力平价计算,已经超过9000美元,接近拐点;


  • 德国财政状况相当稳健,但也不愿意援助希腊等小兄弟们;
  • 自2000年以来,德国单位劳动力成本仅有轻微的涨幅,其他确实直线上升,希腊40%,法国25%;
  • “在欧元大家庭刚成立的最初几年里,德国人继续苦吃苦做,而其他兄弟们,尤其是那些处于欧洲南部的小兄弟们,却只顾享受快乐的生活,生活水平不断上涨,但是工作效率与德国人的差距却进一步拉大。”
  • 欧洲统一市场使德国马克贬值,出口更具竞争力,其他国家货币升值,增加进口;但并没有形成劳动力市场统一,各国生产效率依然存在差异;希腊工厂必须雇佣至少五倍于德国工厂的律师、会计师以对付政府部门的干扰;
  • “欧洲问题之所以比较特别,是因为由于实行统一货币,那些陷入危机的国家无法应用常见的大幅度贬值的耍赖手段,把自己拯救出来。另一方面,各国财政却又是独立预算的,在这个虚拟的家庭里面,亲兄弟明算账,无法像一个真正的国家那样可以容易地实现内部利益转移。”


  • 第三次美元牛市:20世纪80年代的第一次牛市是由于Paul Volker为了解决滞胀而推出的高利率政策造成的;20世纪90年代中期的第二次牛市源于 IT革命将投资吸入美国;即将到来的美元牛市,则是因为其他经济体的疲软,而非美国经济的实力;
  • 欧元危机的解决方案:北欧国家进一步通胀来平衡南欧国家的竞争力问题 — 欧洲央行的货币扩张;
  • 过去20年间,强势的日元将日本引向通缩,名义GDP一直在下跌,国债飞速上涨,日元走弱是唯一出路;
  • 第一次美元牛市引发拉丁美洲债务危机,第二次引发亚洲金融危机 — 不是巧合:(美元熊市)热钱流入,造成通胀,逐渐失去竞争力,美元走强,流动性随之转向,债务负担不可逆转;
  • 金砖国家体现了滥发贷款所能导致的全部症状:高债务水平、通胀和强势货币。
  • “像澳元和巴西雷亚尔这样的商品货币,在接下来的美元强势时期将会极度脆弱。前者尤其容易受影响。澳大利亚已经变得十分依赖商品出口收入和外国资本流入。后者培育了一个巨大的房地产泡沫。在资本开始外流后,澳大利亚很可能将会经历一场金融危机。”

Jenkins: Apple’s new normal

  • now the newest thing aren’t hardware or operating system, they are cloud services, which Apple hasn’t been strong at;
  • “The (Ford) Model T couldn’t have been the Model T unless the automobile were on its way to becoming too interesting a product for consumers ever to be satisfied with a single model, a single manufacturer, a single design statement.”
  • same for Apple: “Different customers not only want different things from their smartphones, they want difference for its own sake.”
  • drop in share price has not been the popping of bubble or a collapse of confidence in management, it is easy to arrive at simply as some modest lowering of Apple’s expected sales growth and some modest lowering of its expected profit margin on those sales.


Chinese firm shrug at rising debt

  • Rongsheng, a Chinese shipbuilding company, debt six times than three years ago;
  • accessible loans may be good news for struggling companies, could be bad news down the road;
  • exacerbate overcapacity, solar panel, steel sector, resource not going to the most efficient firms;
  • (Zhang Weiying) currently, doing businesses in China is still a privilege, not a right.
  • Rongsheng is a vital part of local economy in Rugao, paid more taxes than the next seven biggest firms, though in good years the tax bills dwarfed by government subsidies;

Party eyes ‘red-state model’ to drive Republican revival

  • Sam Brownback, Kansas state governor, to create a red-state model;
  • focus: fiscal innovations, slash income taxes while increasing sales taxes; the supposition is that tax cut will spark more growth, hence more revenue from all taxes, including sales taxes;
  • the tax gambles in the red states, sharply contrast with proposals put forward by some Democratic governors —  unsually stark divisions;
  • Republican critics worry that state’s schools and infrastructure will suffer; shift burden to less affluent;

Zahra’ Langhi: why Lybia’s revolution didn’t work — and what might

  • end Qaddafi but replaced by another Qaddafi-like regime?
  • “Mercy instead of revenge, collaboration instead of competition, inclusion instead of exclusion — these are the ideals that a war-torn Libya needs desperately.”
  • “Peace has an alchemy: … the intertwining, the alternation, between the feminine and masculine perspectives.”

Tyler DeWitt: hey science teachers — make it fun

  • “If a young learner thinks that all viruses have DNA, that’s not going to ruin their chances of success in science. But if a young learner can’t understand anything in science and learns to hate it, [then] that will.”
  • (My comment) This is quite a interesting point. No one will deny the importance of vivid introductory story for middle juniors. And this brings us another look of our primary and secondary education system, which in my opinion, is still superior than its American counterpart, both in terms of cultivating a good sense of “science” (scientific thinking), and of making students believe it is a cool thing. What might be lost in our system, or at least worth thinking twice is whether we can efficiently explore students’ inner interest towards science, or broadly, any subject.

Tillett Wright: fifty shades of grey

  • photographed 2,000 people who consider themselves somewhere on the LGBTQ — they are just looking the same as people who are not.
  • “My mission to photograph gays was inherently flawed, because there were a million different shades of gay.”
  • “There are just as many jerks and sweethearts and Democrats and Republicans and jocks and queens and every other polarization you can possibly think of within the LGBT community as there are within the human race.”



  • 日元贬值降低企业融资成本,增强出口竞争力:自90年代初以来已经量化宽松近20次,经济停滞的痼疾在于扭曲的经济结构与人口老龄化;日本经济依赖贸易程度不大;
  • 日元贬值引发周边货币恐慌性贬值,(受到升值压力的人民币)若升,出口更困难;若干预汇率,导致国内流动性大幅宽松,资产泡沫进一步吹大;
  • 动荡的日元给人民币“区域化”的机会,考虑首先成为亚洲的“锚货币”;


  • 经济反弹依赖于基建项目投资增长,不仅审批宽松,而且融资渠道多样;
  • 企业融资转向非银行领域是健康发展方向,但是:银行贷款依然在增加;银行销售渠道在非银行信贷快速增长过程中也扮演重要角色(道德风险);
  • 中国应尽早决定地方融资以城投债还是市政债为主;

Economic Observer Issue 606 04-02-2013

  • Yingkou’s real estate bubble: will take six to seven years to unload all supply of properties; severe market risk; because of housing restrictions, developers move from top-tier cities;
  • China Southern’s A380 headache: main battlefield is long-distance international routes; headquarters Guangzhou can’t make much use of this advantage;

How Amazon trained its investors to behave

  • Jeff Bezos, a hedge fund veteran, skeptical of Wall St: putting investment ahead of profitability; emphasis on EPS diverts resources away;
  • very few companies want to come into Amazon’s core businesses and try to compete with them at 1% or 2% margins.
  • trained its shareholders to believe that everything will work out in the end.

Low interest rates force companies to pour cash into pensions

  • companies required to calculate PV of pension liabilities using discount rates — based on corporate bond yields — rates fall liabilities rise;
  • Ford’s pension plans had strong real-world returns, but had to lower its discount rates to 3.84% from 4.6%, creating bigger liabilities — increase of non-cash expense;


虽是一场大比分但过程却很简单,抓住关键的时间点(上半场结束前与下半场开场),并把出现的机会给把握住,就足够了。看似三分的力气却也撬起了七分的结果。拜仁现在踢的是“章法”足球,说力量也不是很有力量,说创造力也不是很有创造力 — 单个元素其实并不夺目 — 但捏合在一起就能产生“赢球方程”的解,就像书法看重的其实是字与字之间的呼应,而非具体哪一点是多么龙飞凤舞。