Rijksmuseum – The Collection

Based on museum audio guide. All pictures linked from public sources (e.g. Wikipedia, artsy.net, oceansbridge.com). The number of each painting corresponds to the actual item number in the museum.

563 The Little Street – Vermeer’s hometown. So realistic almost like a photograph, various materials in precise but convincing manner. Window gives depth. No other artists paint simple city scene in such fondness and precision.

Johannes Vermeer. View of Houses in Delft, Known as The Little Street, c. 1658

575 The Milkmaid – Vermeer is a perfectionist. Sparse surroundings diverted by the focal point – the milkmaid and her colorful dress. Window broken, bread scattered etc. light everywhere in the room.

Johannes Vermeer. The Milkmaid, c. 1660

541 Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul – Rembrandt at age of 55. Light from above – the story from Bible. Ability to capture the inner state of his figures. A typical late work of Rembrandt.

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul, 1661

523 The Wardens of the Amsterdam’s Drapers’ Guild – Viewed from a lower standpoint. Have they just finished? Or just started their meeting? The man on the left is standing up or sitting down?

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. The Sampling Officials of the Amsterdam Drapers’ Guild, known as ‘The Syndics’, 1662

500 The Night Watch – Disorderly arrangement, makes this painting so unique. Dark background, putting main figures in spotlight. Dramatic, it’s a group in action. Gestures of the guards also capture our attention.

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq, Known as the ‘Night Watch’, 1642

473 Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters – 17th century. Vibrant ice winter scene. Everyone in motion, falling and getting up again. To fit all, Avercamp raised the viewpoint and muted colors in the background. Nearly 200 figures. His winter scenes even at high demand in summer.

Hendrick Avercamp. Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters, c. 1608
Hendrick Avercamp. Enjoying the Ice near a Town, c. 1620

Interiors of a Protestant, Gothic Church – Emanuel de Witte is a master of perspectival church interiors. However he is not depicting reality, composing from parts of various existing churches.

Emanuel de Witte. Interior of a Protestant, Gothic Church, with a Gravedigger in the Choir, 1669
Emanuel de Witte. Interior of a Protestant, Gothic Church during a Service, 1669

Distant View of the Meadows – Back then not everyone was enthusiastic about such unadorned landscapes but now it is considered masterpiece of early 19th century painting, precisely because of its modern and original version.

Pieter Gerardus van Os. Distant View of the Meadows at ’s-Graveland, 1817

The Canal at ‘s-Graveland – High vantage point possibly from the window of Herman Waller’s country house, the paintings’ commissioner.

Pieter Gerardus van Os. The Canal at ’s-Graveland, 1818

Portrait of Lizzy Ansingh – Contrast between light and dark conveys intimacy. Swift vigorous brushstrokes. Schwartze enjoyed great success with her fashionable society portraits.

Thérèse Schwartze. Portrait of Lizzy Ansingh, 1902

The Voorstraat Harbour in Dordrecht – Witsen is a master of tranquil city view. Real passion for detail, worn bricks. Suppressing any signs of life, emphasize everlasting stillness of the old city.

Willem Witsen. The Voorstraat Harbour in Dordrecht, 1898

373 A Windmill on a Polder Waterway – Landscape without narrative, human and animals in secondary place. Put emphasis in depicting the clouds as well as its reflection in the water.

Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriël. A Windmill on a Polder Waterway, Known as ‘In the Month of July’, c. 1889

363 Girl in a Kimomo – Japanese was fashionable, artist couldn’t resist. At least twelve different version. No distinction between foreground and background, mimicking Japanese woodcut pattern which the artist admired.

George Hendrik Breitner. Girl in a White Kimono, 1894

349 The Singel Bridge at the Paleisstraat in Amsterdam – Use photo as source. The woman at the front seems out of focus, almost knock onto us. Just another ordinary day. The footsteps on the snow, in a few colorful rough brushstrokes. Woman lift her skirt, dog barking.

George Hendrik Breitner. The Singel Bridge at the Paleisstraat in Amsterdam, 1896

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