Film Scripts (September 2018)

MoMA’s Instroduction on The Wind Will Carry Us: While death hovers around the corner, Behzad gains perspectives on life and spirituality as he befriends the locals and experiences the majesty of nature. One of Abbas Kiarostami’s most celebrated works, The Wind Will Carry Us contemplates the profound questions of life through the observation of the simplest existence.

MoMA’s Instroduction on Gabbeh: As filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf observed their life, what began as a documentary project turned into something else—more surreal than real. A beautiful young woman named Gabbeh has seemingly leapt out of a rug depicting two small figures: a woman and a horseman. She finds herself in front of an old couple and begins to tell them about her lover, the horseman, whom she wants to marry but must wait for her father’s approval. Cinematographer Mahmoud Kalari captures all the vivid colors that brighten life in this wondrous fable about a woman’s desires.

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